Watch This Now: Muscles – “Girl Crazy Go!”

“Please take two steps back…”

The Ice Cream Messiah returneth! After the blow-up with his record label and public meltdown, Muscles dutifully fucked off for awhile and most thought we’d never hear from him again. Time to throw that idea out the window, though – with relief instead of frustration, thankfully. Muscles is back with a new EP, Younger and Immature, and a video quite unlike anything he’s ever done before to go with it.

In somewhat of a homage to The Prodigy‘s groundbreaking Smack My Bitch Up video, the party life of some crazy girls (you see what he did there?) taking in a very graphic and unforgiving night on the town. There’s blood, drugs, violence and a few moments where you might have to turn away. It’s pretty full-on as a visual experience, but in terms of pure visuals it’s possibly the most interesting thing Muscles has put his name to.

Not sure if I’ve linked to a censored version or not, but surely both are circulating. Anyways, see what you think – musically it’s a little less “fun” than Guns Babes Lemonade, but that’s quite alright when there’s such an interesting video to go along with it.


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