The Cringe: Creed – “Rain”

“A thousand times before, I wonder if there’s something more…”

2009 sucked for reunions. It just fucking sucked, man. The previously blogged-about East 17 got back together, Limp Bizkit started recording a new album, blink-182 went on a reunion tour…and Scott Stapp made peace with the other cunts from Creed and made a new record. It just doesn’t seem fair for the shit-boring douchebag post-grunge movement to come back around, especially with such a god awful band – and, as you can see, such a godawful video.

So, Stapp might be bald these days but he can still bleet like the best of Eddie Vedder’s goats, and do his looks down the camera barrell like he’s just taken a shit and yet is still trying to pull off Blue Steel. The rest of the band – who also spawned into another variant of evil, Alter Bridge – haven’t changed much, either. They’re all still fuckstains of gargantuan proportions, singing a song about the weather. Yep, the fucking weather. You know when you’re struggling for conversation at the bus-stop and you make a comment about the weather? That’s how desperate Creed are. Sure, there’s some kind of greater metaphor at work, but it’s probably just some bullshit about how douchey and brooding Stapp is. So, they rock out underneath some cheap watery CGI and leave – truly a full on display of the modern post-grunge dickweed. That’s all there is to it, really. Prepare for some rage-induced headaches with this one.


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  1. […] atrocious phenomenon that was – and, sadly, still is – Creed, talking about their hilarious Rain video back when it came out. That was just the tip of the Vedder-molesting iceberg, though. Here is […]

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