Watch This Now/Watch This If You Dare: Die Antwoord – “Enter the Ninja”

“Yo, I’m a ninja! A motherfucking ninja!”

Hey, gang! We’re kicking off this week with one of the toughest videos thrown my way, hence why it’s earned itself a double category. This is, simultaneously, the best AND worst thing I have heard and seen all year. From the underground of South African music comes a culture-shock phenom of hip-hop that is destined to bring out both the best and worst in you.

It’s time to meet Die Antwoord. Watching this bizarre audio-visual extravaganza brings up several questions – namely, what the shit is up with the dude’s tatts? Is that a woman or a monkey? Surely that midget is wearing makeup? What the fuck do samurais have to do with ninjas? What’s a Zef? You’ll have to answer them all yourself as you watch this video. Several times over. Perhaps the greatest question of all is if the whole thing is a joke, which no-one can seem to figure out. Whatever the case, this incredibad musical experience is destined to be one of the most talked-about things of 2010. Worldwiiiiiiiide!


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