Watch This Now: Clare Bowditch and The New Slang – “Modern Day Addiction”

“If you’re dancing in a circle, it’s been danced in before…”

One of my true obsessions of this year has been Clare Bowditch’s new record with The New Slang, Modern Day Addiction. In all honesty, I could yak on forever about the societal, political, sociopolitical, exestential and culutural themes, aspects and ideas of Modern Day Addiction – without joking, I could probably even do an essay on it. But instead of boring you with that kind of thing, I’ve instead decided to let Bowditch show you herself with the video for the title track, which does plenty of the talking that I can’t – or shouldn’t.

Interestingly, nobody speaks in the video for the most part – least of all Bowditch, who looks longingly at the outside world from a cage carried about by a larger than life version than herself. It’s literally a puppet, with sunglasses covering its eyes as well as resting upon that popular spot above the forehead. There’s a heavy symbolism that crafts the Modern Day Addiction video that makes it so incredibly watchable. Clare doesn’t even have to speak, choosing to let her confused and lost expressions say plenty. Modern Day Addiction might sound pretty, and insanely catchy, but this song has a far darker interior that is contextually developed somewhat with this visualisation of its ideas. Clare has evolved into one of the most important musicians in the country right now – leaving you, dear reader, with very little reason to ignore her.


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