Old Favourites: Interpol – “Evil”

“Tell them now your pressure’s set upon slow release…

Given they’ve just announced sideshows ahead of their headlining of the Falls Festival, thought I’d give some old-school love to these guys. Interpol is another band that I discovered through visual means. I didn’t warm to them initially – I remember falling asleep in front of the TV many nights when their video for Slow Hands came on, which isn’t a brilliant video to begin with. I remember the first time I saw this, “way back” in 2005. It was a different story entirely, as I bolted upright and paid very close attention. To date, they’ve never made a video as unique, darkly humourous and genuinely entertaining as Evil.

It’s time for you to meet Norman. Norman is a freakish human-looking puppet who’s been caught up in the midst of some freak traffic accident. There’s ambulances, rain, firefighters, screaming women – total pandemonium. Norman appears okay – after all, he’s singing all of the song’s lyrics. Even still, he’s rushed to hospital, and suddenly feels it’s a good idea to start dancing. Awesome. Does it make any sense? None whatsoever. That said, it’s such a great video that you simply cease to care.

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