Watch This Now: Dead Letter Circus – “Cage”

“I know you see between these lines, want for the world in your hands…”

Welcome back to another week of Y,WGAV! Before we get started on this awesome video, I’d like to giva shout out to my friend Muray Stace. He’s a photographer in Wollongong, and a really awesome guy – his photo of DLC performing live is what you see above you. If you like what you see, log his Flickr or click through on the photo itself to visit his Redbubble profile – he has photos up for purchase!

Now, onto another week, with a great video from the little hard rockers that could, Dead Letter Circus. What a great year these guys have had – in addition to the success of This is the Warning, they’ve also released some excellent videos. I blogged about their last video, One Step, which I really liked, and they’ve managed to creep in once again with an outstanding new video for new single Cage.

Shot in high definition, this is definitely the best looking DLC video to date. It’s a performance video that finds the band in a freezing forest, vocalist Kim Benzie looking pale as ever. What makes it so great is the stunning visuals – the band performing intensely at a variety of speeds, lights and lasers flying over the scene. The first time you see it is just breathtaking – there’s really no other words for it. This is a band that continues to impress and are on the verge of doing very big business on a global scale. Watch this – in fullscreen, preferably.


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