Watch This If You Dare: Bring Me The Horizon – “It Never Ends”

“I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice, I’ve said it a thousand fucking times…”

I’ve got to be honest here – I have no idea what I was expecting when I loaded this up on YouTube. My distaste for the band stretches all the way back to their first record, Count Your Blessings, and I really should be suprised that this hatred has continued with the release of their third album, entitled There is a Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There is a Heaven, Let’s Keep it a Secret. Yep, even the album title is a complete wankfest – but if you thought that was bad, we haven’t even gotten started on the video.

It Never Ends is truly one of the most godawful music videos you will see all year. It begins with – wait for it – a 3D animated ambulance tearing down the road. An animated anbulance? All the people in the video are real, why waste time on an animated ambulance – especially when you can afford a real one? We then go on to a plotless horror of buzzsaws, vampires, weird dream sequences and the centrepiece in the kingdom of douche – Oli Sykes. Seriously, if you don’t want to punch the fucker’s lights out when you’re done with this video, there’s something wrong with you. This is not a video for the squeamish, the faint-hearted or those of you with any kind of taste in music. Truly a painful experience. Let me know how long you last before you throw in the towel on this video – the two girls I’ve shown this to lasted 21 and 25 seconds, respectively.


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