Watch This Now: The Chemical Brothers – “Another World”

“Another world will surround me, another world will forgive…”

Last week, I blogged about OKGO and how manic it was that I’d never blogged about them before. I now turn my own ignorance and idiocy to why the hell I’d not said anything about The Chemical Brothers leading up to now. I can’t say I’ve always been a massive fan of their music, but I’m in all honesty yet to see a video of theirs that hasn’t totally blown my mind. The latest, Another World, does nothing to change this.

The Brothers have done a really cool thing for their new record, Further. What they’ve done is put together videos – or “visualisations” – of each track on the record. This being the “single,” it’s been released and shortened. For your enjoyment, however, I’ve embedded the full version of the song, so you can embrace the trippiness. Remember when you first got the new Windows Media Player and you went through all the trippy visualisations that would go along with the music? Well, imagine that but if their creators ate acid for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh, and if the visualisations made up a fucking PERSON. Make sure you’re clean and sober before you watch this – it’ll fuck you up something chronic.


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