Old Favourites: The Streets – “Blinded By The Lights”

“Maybe I shouldn’t have done the second one…”

More from my teenage years! This time it’s from Mike Skinner, better known to you as The Streets. My obsession with the man and his music began with his music videos, fittingly enough. He picked three songs to film videos for from his second record, the other landmark concept album of 2004, A Grand Don’t Come For Free.  There was Fit But You Know It – a brilliant moving-photo montage of a geezer holiday – as well as Dry Your Eyes, which mostly consisted of Mike sitting around in a pub, playing pool, feeling sorry for himself and hugging his dog. Not exactly riveting, that one. And then, we got to single number three, which subsequently made for a very different situation.

If you’re familiar with the album concept, you’ll recall that this is the segment in which Mike waits on his girlfriend, Simone, and his best friend, Dan, to turn up to a club. They don’t show for hours, so Mike goes on a bender. The video details this in very graphic, starkly powerful imagery that documents Mike slowly losing it, ending in a very graphic finale of blood and comedowns. These are the consequences of Mike’s mistakes, and it makes for one of the most powerful pieces of video I have ever seen. The cinematography is very raw and very real, and the final shot of Mike – semi-conscious, beaten up, lifeless – is utterly heartbreaking. The best video The Streets ever made, and definitely a must-watch if we’re talking videos from the 2000s.

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