Watch This Now: OKGO – “White Knuckles”

“Round all the pieces up, but they just don’t fit the same…”

Amazingly, this is actually the first time OKGO have ever featured on Y,WGAV! Crazy, right? I mean, these fucking guys – if you’ve seen any of their videos, you’d know how ridiculously talented and downright awesome their videos. From treadmills to moving wallpaper and back, it’s pretty hard to fault the band’s full-on audio-visual entertainment value. This continues with White Knuckles, the fourth single from the band’s awesome album Of the Colour of the Blue Sky.

You’ve seen “OKGO, WITH TREADMILLS.” Now, it’s time to experience “OKGO, WITH FRIENDS.” Those friends are show dogs – no shit, show dogs. Plenty of them, too. It’s amazing choreographed and insanely cute and funny. Dammit, OKGO, you’ve done it again!


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