My Favourite Video: Brendan Maclean

Brendan Maclean is a singer/songwriter, radio presenter and actor.
His video for Practically Wasted was the first ever video featured on Y,WGAV!
His favourite video is Settle Down by Kimbra.

Good music videos can help unmask the ideas within a song and others just tell a good story. Great music videos do both.

New Zealand born Kimbra charms us with “Settle Down,” a song created with Francois Tetaz and a name that would be familiar to the triple j audience, M-Phazes.

The clip’s design is flawless, exploring a 50’s landscape contrasting the contemporary beats and looping jazz vocals.
Look out for a stunning twist of minute proportions (you’ll see what I mean at 2.25). The imagery helps build a wonderful tension that snaps with a burst of flames and tossing of limbs.

It is an addictive clip I’ve been coming back to for weeks.


Visit Brendan online at, and


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  1. Edit:

    Thanks to Ryan Jon for letting me know, it was directed by Guy Franklin.


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