My Favourite Video: Laura Imbruglia

Laura Imbruglia is an Australian singer/songwriter.
When she’s not being unfairly compared to sister Natalie, she’s touring extensively and writing music.
Her favourite video is Play the Game by Queen.

I’m sure there are many other clips that I could also choose for various reasons but this one always cracks me up due to its dated nature and strange directorial decisions. I think the easiest way to address the great aspects of the clip is to just go through them one by one in chronological order…
1. Opening the clip- Freddie pulls a flying microphone out of the GALAXY and sings straight into it! It’s a Kind Of Magic!
2. The flame-filled background courtesy of green screen filming was probably really technologically impressive at the time but now it’s just funny. I like how each band member gets his own flame colour.
3. Once the green screen novelty wears off, you might start to think it’s getting boring but just focus on Freddie’s RAD Flash shirt for a little while because it’s gonna get better…
4. 1.50: Hang on, what’s happening? That’s right- Freddie has his shirt off and he’s dripping wet. Pan to his pumping fist for the lyric “my blood is pumping through my veins”. Nice direction.
5. After this, it only gets better. Awkward still shots, reverse footage of Freddie jumping onto Roger’s kit (and soon after molesting it), a vicious guitar fight between Freddie & Brian just in time for a blazing solo, and a serious facial expression/skinny tie combo from John.

All in all: a brilliant, hilarious clip which was probably taken quite seriously at the time.


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