Watch This Now: Darren Hanlon – “All These Things”

“I swore everything I say is true, on a first-edition copy of Peter Pan…”

Just throwing this one out there – Darren Hanlon has to be one of the nicest, most approachable and genuinely lovely people in Australian music. He’s wonderfully polite and charming  in person, he makes consistently good records – this year’s I Will Love You At All very much included – and always manages to put on a wonderful live show to accompany them. He’s also got a slew of adorable videos in his body of work, too, with the latest being this little stretch of the imagination bringing to life one of the many highlights of Darren’s latest album.

In what looks like a high school auditorium, Darren and his female counterpart – played by the lovely Heidi Barrett – move in perfect choreography as they turn the song’s call-and-response into a conversation. It’s a wonderfull low-budget affair, as the two transition from place to place with the use of nothing but simple props and painted backdrops. Though the whole thing will make you want to give both of them the biggest possible hug, my personal favourite scene in the video comes when the two make their way into a closet and come out in a winter wonderland, complete with earmuffs and scarves. And they slide across the hardwood floor as if they’re skating. Oh, the things this did to my heart. Heidi’s smile is infectious, as is Darren’s geeky enthusiasm for the dances. It’s just an insanely hard to dislike video – they’re just so darn lovely! Check this, and then the new album. Go go go.


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  2. […] Natalie van der Dungen, who has worked with Daz on most of his videos, including the adorable All These Things. Now, they have teamed up for an ambitious project that sees Darren give a bit of proper acting a […]

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