Watch This Now: Maximum Balloon feat. Aku – “Tiger”

“We’re so hung up, like tiny pictures…”

With TV on the Radio now taking a bit of a break from one another, the band’s producer/guitarist/sole honky David Andrew Sitek has begun work on a solo record under the name Maximum Balloon. This track, along with its video, is our first taste of what’s to come – and it looks like we are in for a shitload of fun if this is any indication.

A funky, cracking pop tune high on horns and helium, this very cool video definitely takes the band name to its greatest literal extent – there is not a single frame of this video where balloons don’t make an appearance, and it’s a rush of joy to the senses to see it all unfurl. Come ON, dude! There’s dudes jumping through the air! There’s a Chinese dragon/tiger thingy that you see in the parades and stuff! There’s fucking balloons! EVERYWHERE! Us humans just don’t deal with such awesome on a regular basis. It’s overlooked and underappreciated. Whatever. Just giggle like a schoolgirl over this for me.


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