Watch This Now: Jonsi – “Animal Arithmetic”

“Riding bikes, making out, elephants swimming down…”

I didn’t think much of Go, the debut solo album from Sigur Ros singer Jonsi, when I first heard it. I can’t quite put my finger on why – perhaps I had just expected something a little less familiar and I struggled to enjoy it as much as I could have. Interesting, after coming across this video for the new single from the record, Animal Arithmetic, I decided to listen to Go again and enjoyed it thoroughly. Does it speak volumes of my ignorance, or volumes of how cool this video is? Judge for yourself.

With the song working along a spliced, twisted percussion beat, it’s stunning to watch someone drumming along to the song with what Wayne Campbell may refer to as an “extreme close-up” going across hi-hats and snares with lightning-quick transition – my compliments to the editing team! It’s a video of goodwill, a love of life and bright, sparkly colour. Childlike? A little – but it’s this kind of wide-eyed innocence that reminds you why you loved Jonsi and Sigur so much to begin with. One of the more visually engaging videos of the year, Jonsi has done a great job with this one.


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