Old Favourites: Promoe – “These Walls Don’t Lie”

“But now, fifty thousand chariots singin’ the chorus…”

Promoe came into my life around 2004, which was a very interesting and formative year for me. I more or less flipped when I discovered this, as it was my first exposure to international hip-hop that wasn’t from the United States or New Zealand – at the time, I didn’t even know shit like that existed. So there was that occupying my mind, but at the same time the visuals – ie. this video – was also a total eye-opener. The bizarre colour schemes, the adventures of that one little spray can and the fact that there is SO much going on in this video make it one of my all-time favourites. Honestly, it’s remarkable just how much the directors of this video were able to squeeze into four minutes. When you’re not following the spray can’s dance moves around the subways and streets, take a look at the various places Promoe and DJ Large end up, as well as the graphics reflecting some of the particular lyrics – on a patriotic note, some kangaroos appear in the background when Australia is mentioned in the lyrics. Classic. Admittedly, Promoe isn’t really an artist I come back to very often in the course of my listening, but “These Walls Don’t Lie” is one of those things that I’ll never ever forget.


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