Watch This Now: Arcade Fire – “Ready to Start”

Okay, so there’s not actually this many people in Arcade Fire – it’s a mirror shot.
Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if this many turned up on stage. Would you?

“And if I was yours – but I’m not…”

Someone’s been very, very naughty and uploaded the new Arcade Fire music video before it was actually supposed to be released – it’s unlisted on YouTube and by the time you read this it could well have been taken down. For now, though, the new video for Ready to Start from their (like-you-expected-it-to-not-be-)awesome new record The Suburbs, is a must watch. If you’ve seen Arcade Fire live before, it will be a reminder of how good they were. If you haven’t, it serves as a reminder that you must. As soon as humanly possible.

Essentially, it’s a performance video meets a montage video with lots of people packed into a room watching AF do their thang onstage. Win Butler thrashes about, while his wife Regine (can’t remember the spelling of her last name and I’m writing this all in one go, so no Google for me) plays along on the drums – oh, and the eight or so other people in the band rock out, too. In terms of concept, it’s somewhat similar to Kasabian‘s recent video for Underdog, but with two things separating it. 1: Arcade Fire are good; and 2: there’s none of the “look at us laughing backstage and huddling before we go on to play a stadium”, pat-on-the-back bullshit. It’s raw, straight up and looks fantastic in black and white with heavier grey tones. Nothing big and high-concept like some of the tracks suggest (maybe one for the title track later?), but this is more than worth your time if you’re a fan of this style of video. And of AF, of course – and who isn’t?


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