Watch This Now: Katy Perry – “Teenage Dream”

“You think I’m pretty without any makeup on, you think I’m funny when I tell the punchine wrong…”

Katy Perry has gotten herself to quite the sweet position in pop culture, with numerous number ones, a fiancee almost as famous as her in Russell Brand and a likable, freewheeling personality that comes across in both her interviews and music videos – she doesn’t take herself too seriously and she doesn’t attempt to act smarter than she is. In short, I like Katy a fair deal – which is why I fear for what may happen next to her on account of this video. I predict conservative groups and “concerned” parents going on a witch hunt after they see this in the flesh – literally.

As the song itself suggests, the video is about being young, dumb and in love – it’s a California dreaming fantasy without the candyland of the California Gurls video. Gorgously shot throughout Santa Barbara (Perry’s hometown, no less), you see Perry cruising the highway, partying with friends, going to the beach at night and canoodling around with the man of her dreams, played by one Josh Kloss. The cinematography here is absolutely stunning, with a slight touch of graininess giving the entire thing a feeling of a time now long passed – that might sound a little weird, but try watching the beach and car scenes in particular and see if I’m right or not. The scene I’m most concerned about, however, probably won’t make it onto morning TV – Perry and her boytoy creep into a hotel room and get bizzay. None of this clothing shit, either – we’re talking dresses being ripped off and lots of sweaty male muscliness. Oh god yes. It’s all a part of the concept, but my main concern is parents banding together to ban Katy Perry or some shit – coz, y’know, sex in pop music is SUCH a foreign concept and they NEVER listened or saw anything like it when they grew up. FFS!

Whatever happens, this is one of the best videos Katy has done and, come what may, she’s got my support. Enjoy!


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