My Favourite Video: Emma Dean

Emma Dean is a Sydney-based (ex-Brisbane) singer, songwriter and performer,
known for both her solo work and her time with Kate Miller-Hiedke.
Her favourite video is Babooshka by Kate Bush.

Perhaps the Babooshka video is not an obvious choice for a favourite video, but I’ve always been very excited by it’s minimalism and overt theatricality. I wouldn’t go as far to say it is my favourite video of all time, but certainly one on my hit list.

The song tells the story of a paranoid older woman who begins writing to her husband under the pseudonym Babooshka – a younger, more beautiful woman who reminds her husband of how she used to be. The film clip switches between two scenes. The first shows Kate singing and dancing with a double bass which symbolises her husband. In this scene Kate acts as the wife. Her movements, angular and articulated, show her paranoid and posessive nature towards her husband. I love how primitive the choreography is. It looks so natural and almost like something Bush has just put together in front of her bedroom mirror. The second scene represents the mythical Babooshka character who is dressed scarcely in what looks like a Russian super-hero costume! She is other-wordly and untouchable.

I love how basic and low budget this film clip is. The story is clear and the performance speaks for itself.  Beautiful.


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