Watch This If You Dare: Pretty Reckless – “Make You Wanna Die”

Don’t you wanna take her? Make her all your own?

So I have a tendency to not really have much of an idea what people in my generation are into – particularly when it comes to television. Gossip Girl, in particular, completely passed me by; and when I actually tried to watch it I found myself disliking every single character, including the ones we were apparently supposed to like. So I continued to ignore it, until the people from it started invading my area – music. It started with one of them, one Leighton Meester, phoning in some guest vocals for trash-pop tossers Cobra Starship and their intolerably shite “Good Girls Go Bad” single, and now this. Taylor Momsen (above) has been stealing her older sister’s Hole records, dressing up like Avril Lavigne and pretending to play guitar. The result is this: her very own band, Pretty Reckless.

Now, from what I’ve read, Momsen’s got a pretty big, opinionated mouth on her. She’s been known to diss on artists like Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato for being a part of the whole Disney-pop movement – but does she realise that she is just as bad, if not worse? At least Cyrus and Lovato make no qualms about being straight-up bubblegum/disposable pop music. Momsen, on the other hand, seems to be under the idea that surrounding herself with guitars and broody-looking dudes suddenly makes her edgy and alternative. Sadly, this is not the case. This is a cringeworthy “rockstar montage” video as seen in the clips for Livin’ on a Prayer and, to a lesser extent, the Use Somebody video – inbetween black-and-white studio shots and Momsen deathstaring herself in the mirror, indulge yourself in slow motion footage of her walking onto the stage with her other ring-in session rawk dudes. Trying a little too hard is an understatement in relation to this tripe. Think of a bad cliche you’ve seen in rock videos in the past twenty years and you’ll find that shit mixed in somewhere into this video. Truly embarrasing stuff – Moby put it best when he said that “singers make bad actors and actors make bad singers”. In this case, a bad actress makes for even worse music. Not even the Warped tour will make you any cooler, sweetie.


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