Watch This Now: Washington – “Sunday Best”

“Holy shit, you sure can turn it on…”

She’s not conventionally sexy, cool or trendy. She is, however, all of the above, with extra splashes of awesome for good measure. She’s Megan Washington, and she has been having an absolutely awesome year in terms of getting her tracks out there – her song “Concrete” ended up in the Hottest 100, her song “Clementine” was in idents for MusicMAX and she’s scored two Ripe Clips of the Week on Channel [V]. This one is her second one, for her awesome new single “Sunday Best” – and it’s some of the best fun you’ll have in front of a screen all year.

A homage to classic French cinema, Megan and her cute boy dancers take over what looks like the burger joint from Grease in a variety of flashy costumes – all of which Megan manages to make, in the words of Derek Zoolander, ‘really, really, really, ridiculously good looking.’ Plotless? Whatever, this shit is far too watchable to worry about little things like that. Choreography! Hip shaking! Motorbikes! Black and white! Ahh, gee, this is stunning to watch. Also watch out for a cameo from Washington’s boyfriend, aka the luckiest man in Australia – Mr. Michael Tomlinson of Yves Klein Blue. Anyway, why are you still reading this? I can’t type anymore on account of my gooey eyes, just watch for yourself.


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