Watch This Now: Children Collide – “Jellylegs”

“I guess I’ll meet you in the afterlife…”

I like Children Collide for a variety of reasons, but in particular I’ve always been a fact of the fact they manage to strike a perfect balance between outright weirdness and rock radio accessiblility. They’ve continued this with their latest video, Jellylegs, which will be found on their upcoming second album, Theory of Everything. It’s a perfect mismatch of cool and crazy as they put together one of the more bizarre videos Australia may see all year.

The audio is slick, groovy alt-rock with a thrashy chorus and a nice little bit of overdrive. The video, contrastingly, is a bit twisted. Women in bikinis with televisions play instruments while Jonny, the fearless leader of CC, is checked up by a doctor. Watch the weirdness ensue as he sings the songs with a stick-camera through his nose and down his throat. There is most probably a medical term for it, but search me exactly what the hell it is. It’s a little confronting, watching his salivating throat as he sings the song, but you’ll be damned if it’s not incredibly inventive and left-of-centre. In conclusion, I think Children Collide is a pretty cool guy. Eh leaves me with jellylegs and doesn’t afraid of anything.


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  1. […] video – let us not forget We Are Amphibious, or even the first single from their last album, Jellylegs. This one, however, the third and final single from the Theory of Everything record, is in a league […]

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