Old Favourites: The Middle East – “Blood”

“And there’s nothing you can do about it now…”

Sometimes a song and video can hit you at the exact same time, as some kind of freakish double whammy. Experiencing “Blood” by Queensland sextet The Middle East on late night music television is a brilliant example of said whammy. On its own, we’re dealing with one of the greatest Australian songs of the past ten years – a slow-burning folk song with heart-on-sleeve honesty and an orchestral climax that is second to none. With the video, however, it gives an insight to the song with a perspective you might not have thought of before – another key to a truly great music video.

The video is made up entirely of animated stills that are gorgeously drawn, with the movements between them slight and quickly paced. As the story weaves its way around the beautiful music, it tells a tale of love, loss, self-exploration and what the future might hold. There’s not a second where your interest wanes – it’s simply a spectacle of understated film-making. It’s not trying to force the emotion directly into you, as so many commercially-oriented bands try to do in their videos. It’s just storytelling in its purest form – and something you should really experience.

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