My Favourite Video: Dan Schober

Dan Schober is a Sydney-based musician.
He is the guitarist in the band Cassette Kids, whose video Spin was covered a few weeks ago.
His favourite video is Feel The Pain by Dinosaur Jr.

I remember seeing this when I was really young – I used to stay up late & watch all the music videos Rage would show. I was obsessed with grunge & all the videos coming out around then. At the time, this one really stuck in my mind. The way it starts is a classic. The outfit changes, practicing their golf swing & the building, suspenseful music. You see them get into the buggy & you’re hooked – what next? You see them roll out the back of a truck in a golf buggy driving around NY playing golf – brilliant! They don’t let anything or anyone get in their way. They only care about their game. There are so many funny scenes. I like where J. Mascis does a 180 turn & the guy falls out, gets back in but you know he’s pissed off, but carries on to the next shot. “Feel the Pain” is a great song & has an amazing video to match. Enjoy this video & the guitar solo at the end.

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