Watch This Now: Laura Imbruglia – “I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend”

“I know a dog remains a dog, even on a short lead…”

Here’s the skinny on Laura Imbruglia. She has a more famous sister, but unlike Dannii Minogue she’s actually the cooler of the two. She’s been ripping out awesome tunes for years now, from sweet alt-country to thrashy garage rock. This little number, from her latest record The Lighter Side of Laura Imbruglia, falls into the former category with a bit more of a folk tinge to it, as she croons about uncomfortably shifting herself into a love triangle and trying to steal away a boy of interest.

The plot of the video is followed fairly literally in the video, which was directed by Robert Babekuhl & Fil­ipe Mar­ques in a very cheap and very charming manner. The quirky story is followed with playful melodrama, some sweet handball moves and even a notion that shit could get violent when Laura picks up a knife and gets stabby. Even if she does seem a tad on the crazy side, I’d go out with Laura in a second – and you’ll probably want to as well when you’re done with the video. Another hot tip: near the end of the video is a clue for the My Favourite Video selection Laura’s done for the blog, which will be up in a few week’s time. Weee!


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  1. […] she dropped The Lighter Side Of…, toured with Eels and not only gave us the fantastic I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend video, but even came on and guest-blogged about a so-bad-it’s-amazing Queen video. Ahh, […]

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