Old Favourites: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Maps”

“My kind, your kind, I’ll stay the same…”

Here’s an interesting one – a video made within a video. For the defining crown in both their discography and videography, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Maps” is one of the most powerful music videos of all time, in my humble opinion. It’s conceptually simplistic and an incredibly basic set-up, yet the emotional power is something of insurmountable proportions. It starts off simply enough, with a crew in an otherwise empty hall setting up to film the band performing the song. Guitarist Nick Zinner and drummer Brian Chase are stone-faced, but it’s Karen O who draws you in – the shivering, lost emotion on her face says it all as she rips out her heart and ties it firmly to her sleeve. Everyone stops working as the band play, enthralled by what they’re doing – for a staged video concept, it feels so incredibly real and close to home. Watch for the moment near the final chorus where O breaks a solitary tear down her cheek – to me, one of those music video “moments” that takes a second to view and a lifetime to forget about – in other words, unforgettable.

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  1. […] time! I’ve gone on a bit about my love for this band and their videos, from 2003′s Maps all the way up to this year’s Sacrilege clip. That relationship has not changed at all with […]

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