Watch This Now: Laura Marling – “Rambling Man”

“You’re vulnerable in your head. you’ll scream and you’ll wail till you’re dead…”

I continually find it completely astounding that Laura Marling is all but six months older than me and has already achieved more than I possibly ever will. Her second album, I Speak Because I Can, dropped earlier this year to rave reviews; and now she’s added another awesome video to a small but very impressive videography for one of the highlights from Speak entitled Rambling Man.

The premise might be a little confusing at first – dude strips, dude goes swimming, Laura sings/looks all pretty, dude finds what he’s swam out for and dude leaves. Video end. What I find so great about this video, though, is how much I enjoy watching it. The pacing is slow but suspensful, the cinematography is stunning and the level of emotion the central character conveys without saying a single word is simply astounding. Maybe I’m alone on this one, but just have a look at it and see what you get out of it.

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