Watch This Now: Tzar Bomber – “Chainfire”

“From around the next crooked corner, you’ve gotta see it to believe…”

One of the problems I have with smaller Australian acts putting out videos is how damn seriously some of them take it. Big brooding performance clips with ugly “this is my serious face” shots that do absolutely nothing for the band have plagued them for far too long. That’s why Tzar Bomber, and their video for the song Chainfire, is so refreshing. It’s not trying to cover up the fact that there was next to no budget, it’s not trying to make the band look like rock gods and it doesn’t take itself so bloody seriously! Tzar Bomber are just four bogan mates with some rockin’ tunes and a sense of humour – always good personality traits in my books.

The video’s premise is pretty simple – a gorilla has escaped from the zoo and the zookeepers (played ever so convincingly by Tzar Bomber) are on the hunt for it. It’s a big ol’ chase scene, with a whole mob joining in on the fun (yours truly charges past somewhere near the middle). Ultimately, however, the gorilla escapes the victor and celebrates his victory the only way it knows how…exactly what that is you’ll have to watch the video to see. The video is an easy laugh that the band obviously had a blast filming, and it also happens to be for my favourite track from their EP, 2009’s Melt On Like This, so it’s an easy winner from me. And yes, I’m a little biased because I’ve known some of these guys since I was a kid, but who cares? Just get some gorilla-induced lulz up ya, yeh bastard.

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