Old Favourites: Kylie Minogue – “Come Into My World”

“I need your love, like night needs morning…”

Choosing between your favourite Kylie videos is like choosing between children. Yes, they are very camp, sparkly and incredibly well choreographed children, but they’re all so adorable! Still, even with the hot pants, the robot dancers, the naked people making out in a big pile and the whole being murdered by Nick Cave thing, I think there was always going to be one clear-cut winner.

Come Into My World is one of the defining videos of the 2000s and arguably one of the best videos of all time. The visionary Michel Gondry directed this one, bringing an imagination and creativity never before seen in Minogue’s videography. Everything is so perfectly detailed to the point where you might as well watch a different part of your screen each time it comes on – in other words, it’s a clip that basically demands to be watched time and time again. You won’t get sick of it, either, and that’s more or less the beauty of it.

It’s an unforgettable video, the kind that you remember vividly The “groundhog day” style isn’t an entirely original concept, but it’s the way that Gondry has gone about it for the Come Into My World video that makes this one such an incredible achievement for both him and the impossible princess herself. This one transcended boundaries to the point where even people who couldn’t stand Kylie could not stop raving about its excellence. I’ve seen everyone from Jack Johnson to Pitchfork Media singing this video’s praises, and it’s not difficult to see why. A classic video – watch out for the way the four Kylies interact with one another without actually seeing each other at the very end of the video. Mesmerising stuff.

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  1. […] lot of people think the Come Into My World video was the first time several Kylies had appeared on screen at the same time, but trek back five […]

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