Watch This Now: Mama Kin – “To My Table”

“Why don’t you bring him to my table?”

Mama Kin is one of the best new talents in the country’s ever-flourishing blues and roots music scene. She’s been touring around the traps with acts like The Cat Empire and the John Butler Trio, as well as appearing on ABC’s Spicks and Specks earlier in the year. Right now, with the release of her new album Beat and Holler on the horizon, Mama has pulled together this sexy, fun video for the groovy single, To My Table.

As the title of the song might suggest, the entire video is based around (forgive the horrid pun) a round table, and Mama lying on it for the clip’s entirety. She is the sole consistency of the video, as everything around her changes at a rapid speed. Filmed from an overhead perspective, it’s a very cleverly done video with a lot of interesting changes and a simple yet incredibly intriguing concept. She seems like she had a lot of fun making it, even though it would more than likely be a literal pain in the neck to create. Ahh, who cares – everyone’s gotta suffer for their art at least a little, right? This is a really cool video, and hopefully it’ll be bringing a few more cats to Mama’s table. I know I’ll be coming back for seconds.


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