Old Favourites: Pink – “Stupid Girls”

“Outcasts and girls with ambition – that’s what I wanna see…”

I’ve always had this kind of strange respect for Pink (or P!nk, depending on who you speak to). Sure, every bogan and their mullet’s ute listens to her religiously now, but for so long she’s been the square trying to fit through pop’s circle – whether this was manufactured or not, I still dug it. She’s had some cool videos along the way, too – from driving a motorcycle into an ex-boyfriend’s apartment to driving around suburbia on a ride-on lawnmower. Unquestionably the best thing she has done, however, is the video for Stupid Girls.

This came along at the exact right time in terms of both popular culture and Pink’s career. Our obsession as a race with famous-for-being-famous celebrities practically running rampant. A stand had to be taken, and unexpectedly it was Pink who stepped up. She’d been dormant for roughly three years after a bland third album, Try This, and she needed something big to relaunch her career. This was it. This was exactly it. A spot-on satire on everything that was wrong with celebrity America circa 2006. As she imitated Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton and 50 Cent, she threw in a very open disgust with handbag dogs, fake tan, body image, bullimia and whatever else was pissing off her and director Dave Meyers were annoyed with at the time. It made for incredibly entertaining viewing, Pink’s funniest video and a harrowing warning to the next generation of girls. Throw this and Single Ladies on YouTube for them so they know what feminism is in this day and age. And for the love of god, don’t let them become stupid girls.


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  1. […] in the past – for instance, I still really enjoy her first album, and I love the video for Stupid Girls – but now it’s my turn to stand up to P!nk and tell her that it is time to […]

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