Watch This Now: The Naked and Famous – “Young Blood”

“One temporary escape, feel it start to permeate…”

A lot of kids have been talking about this Naked and Famous lot lately, so I felt it only right to give their debut single and video for Young Blood a look-in. Definitely one of the finer investments I’ve made in recent times – this New Zealand electro-pop have not only delivered on an absolutely killer single, but they’ve also thrown together a really cool video to go along with the whole package. Not many groups get everything so right on their first go around, so if that’s not incentive to get amongst this band before they potentially explode into bigger things then I don’t know what is!

Essentially, the video is conceptually quite basic – a variety of different locations are shot with a couple of random acts of mischief thrown in for good measure. It shouldn’t be a brilliant video, but as with all great videos it’s all about the execution. And believe you me, this is remarkable in its execution of what could have been a really boring clip. It’s borderline cinematic when it pans across the gorgeous location shots, which I can only assume are all in New Zealand (right? wrong? let me know!) and I think I’d probably want to watch it even if there wasn’t any music involved – but the fact the song is great too makes it a double whammy! Definitely one of the coolest new acts of the year, well worth looking out for. Hopefully they won’t end up as some Triple J fad, but at this stage I’m optimistic. Enjoy!


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