Watch This If You Dare: 30 Seconds To Mars – “Closer To The Edge”

“No! No! No! No!”

Jesus Christ makes music and is in a band. He also has a pink mohawk – at least, that’s what Jared Leto wants you to believe when you watch the new video for his band, 30 Seconds To Mars, and their new single Closer To The Edge. Opening with shots of kids talking about deep shit like life (mannnn), Leto and his bright pink do come into play as he begins to portray himself as some kind of savior to these fucking kids. Oh yes, delightfully inspiring there, Jared. And it gets worse. So much worse.

Essentially, this is a video of 30STM patting themselves on the back with a montage (mon-taaaage!) of overblown live performances, kids going apeshit and Leto walking over the crowd as if they’re water and he is…well, y’know.  If that wasn’t enough, throwing in superimposed and super-stupid slogans such as “YES, THIS IS A CULT.” over the top of the footage? Really? Really? I’ve enjoyed this band for a long time, and I still do to a certain extent – probably more than most people. However, I have to draw the line with this video. I’ve held my tongue as they payed homage to The Shining, battled ninjas in a parallel universe and performed a song in fucking Antarctica. But this? This is weak, uninspiring and incredibly predictable music video making. Count me out.


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