Old Favourites: Shanks and Bigfoot – “Sweet Like Chocolate”

“You are sweet on the tip of my tongue, you are warm like the rays of the sun…”

This was possibly the first video clip to truly capture my imagination, so it’s kind of a personal landmark for my obsession with music videos. I wouldn’t have been more than seven or eight years old when this track was scaling the charts, and I’d end up in some kind of joyous alternative universe every single time it would come on either rage or Video Hits – in other words, I spent a lot of fucking time in the land of chocolate. Not that I minded, though.

EVERYTHING is chocolate. Well, apart from the little girl doing the cute little dance and singing about how much she loves the chocolate dude – who can be seen both tripping over the girl and hugging himself at various points of the video. Weird taste in men, huh? Anyway, this was a video way ahead of its time – done entirely with 3D animation, we are immersed in this fascinating world with quirky characters and various delicious shenanigans. What’s not to love here? I think I remember this video so vividly from the time it was a hit because at that point I had never seen anything else quite like it. Which brings me to another element of a great music video – taking you to another kind of reality, truly making you want to believe in the fantasy. I knew even as a kid there’d never be a land of chocolate but I’ll be damned if I didn’t fucking want one! Even though this was Shanks and Bigfoot‘s sole hit, I’d still like to thank those dudes for bringing me both into the world of music videos and into their own sweet, sweet world. Anyone for some Cadbury?

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