Watch This Now: Otouto – “W. Hillier”

“Woke up, surrounded by water – W. couldn’t swim…”

Otouto are potentially the best band in the country right now, in my humble opinion. Their debut of earlier this year, Pip, is a stunning and completely refreshing listen which has thankfully spread their listenership tenfold and has opened gateways to tours with artist such as Dappled Cities, The John Steel Singers and Casiotone For The Painfully Alone. Before they head off for their first international tour, they’re doing a quick run of shows in August and have, just today, released the fantastic new video for third single W. Hillier – one of my favourites from the album.

Directed byAlice Glenn (who is also responsible for a video for drummer Kishore Ryan‘s other band, Kid Sam), the video is very simple in concept but astounding to watch in its execution. Ryan, along with sisters Martha and Hazel Brown, have collaborated with a dance troupe named No Lights, No Lycra and choreographer Heidi Barrett to create a truly bedazzling dance experience. Rather than some kind of expressive dance piece, the troupe have gone for a jarringly cognitive and fascinating routine – the whole thing moves cohesively with the music itself, with the camera panning across very particular areas. My personal favourite moment is near the middle, where each dancer is in a line and doing something completely different to the person either side of them, and yet somehow it all comes together to make perfect sense. Like a factory machine, even. This is a really cool one to watch, and I think everyone involved with it deserves some big-time accolades. Well done, gang! Y,WGAV! loves you!


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  1. […] Stunning, simple and classy, I love rewatching this video from one of the best new bands in Australia. The dance routine, similar to the music itself, is very delicately arranged, perfectly synchronized and a complete joy to watch. The best part, however, has to be watching all three band members – Hazel, Martha and Kishore – dancing along with the No Lights No Lycra team and getting the choreography perfect. Now THAT is dedication to one’s art, people! See my original post on the video here. […]

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