Watch This Now: Dan Mangan – “Road Regrets”

“You ain’t living ’till you’re living it, not dead ’till you die…”

Canada’s Dan Mangan has had a fantastic year, with the international release of his second album Nice, Nice, Very Nice securing him touring opportunities all around the world, including sold out shows in his native country and appearances at globally-renowned festivals such as Glastonbury. Road Regrets, the opening track of the album and his most recent video, is another notch on a belt of great successes; proving a creativity that expands beyond his acoustic guitar and into the worlds of the audio-visual, as well as CGI.

Interestingly, Dan doesn’t make an appearance in the video – the hero, unexpectedly, is a 3D animated car, speeding along as the fittingly appropriate lyrics (“We’ll drive until the gas is gone”) ring out. It keeps up with the up-tempo pace of the music considerably well, working as a stunning AV companion to the song itself – peaking at the exact right points, shifting momentum, etc. Much like Mangan’s music, it’s an absolute charm. You may even find yourself rooting for the protagonist wagon as the song crescendos. And why not? It’s incredibly well done, and if it’s yet more incentive to check out the Polaris-nominated Nice, Nice album, then more power to it.


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