Old Favourites: David Bowie & Mick Jagger – “Dancin’ In The Street”

“Callin’ out around the world – are you ready for a brand new beat?”

As a charity single for Live Aid, two British rock icons came together for a one-off duet on the Motown classic Dancin’ In The Street. Considering we haven’t had any new Bowie since 2003 and any new Stones since 2006, the contrast of work speed here is astounding. In the course of roughly 48 hours, the two recorded their duet and immediately went out and shot this video as soon as they were done.

The slap-dash nature of this video’s creation definitely shows, and if it were any other artist or song I’d probably be nominating this one for The Cringe: the fashion is laughably terrible (you can bet your arse Bowie never wore that leopard-print onesie ever again!), and practically everything about the video reeks of some of the things in eighties’ pop culture that most would be happily volunteering to forget. Even so, this video is a blast – you can tell that both stars are having a ball, and it’s a rare treat to see such high-profile musicians kickin’ it like old mates. Take this video for what it is – a quick snapshot of British pop fun for a great cause. No matter how much I shouldn’t like it, I’ll always love this video.


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