Watch This Now: Ben Harper and Relentless7 – “Skin Thin”

“We made it to the end of the world, but we’ll never make it out alive…”

I’m just going to come right out and say it – Relentless7 brings out the best in Ben Harper. It’s brought him his best album in a decade, White Lies for Dark Times; it’s brought him his best live performances in a long time and now it’s given him what is easily his most adventurous and artsy video clip. Skin Thin is the fourth single from the album, and admittedly not my own personal preference for the next single. What I do approve of, however, is this incredibly intriguing video.

Harper and co. don’t appear in the video, which documents what appears to be a strained relationship between a man working nights and a woman working in the day. Their subsequently fragmented lives are perhaps best visualised with the woman waking up just as the man crashes into bed in a split-screen moment of heartbreak. Even though the music plays over the top of the two mute characters, the emotions conveyed of loneliness, isolation and longing are expressed beautifully. The locations are shot in quite a raw fashion, making for quite a bleak and confronting video – director Daniel Stessen did a great job with this. So much can be said with so little, and this video is absolutely no exception. Highly recommended viewing for Harper fans and non-fans alike.


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