Watch This Now: Art Vs. Science – “Magic Fountain”

“And so it was, some motley crew who found it in the night…”

Party-starting synth-rockers Art Vs. Science are gearing up for another big year of touring, dancing and releasing ridiculously catchy songs like this one. Magic Fountain sounds like David Byrne covering The Presets – in other words, fucking bonkers. It’s ridiculously good fun, though, which carries on into the video for the song.

Essentially, the tale told by Dan McNamee‘s spreshgesang vocals is retold visually. The outfit they have given the main non-fountainous character is insanely cool – he’s covered in speakers blaring the bouncing powerdance tunes that blare all over town. It’s part Terminator 2, part Dance Dance Revolution, and 100% entertaining. Be on the lookout for cameos from Triple J’s Alex Dyson as well as the band themselves, groovin’ around as a gang of construction workers. And make sure to catch the band on tour in August – this lot don’t disappoint on the live front.

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  1. […] 2010 saw the AvS gents take the throne as the official partystarters of Australian music – a pretty awesome title to have, if you ask me. They visualised this in their second ever music video, Magic Fountain, in which a mad scientist blast some wicked beats through a suit made entirely out of speakers, making everybody dance as soon as they get caught up in the sounds. It’s wildly imaginative and a very fun watch – it’s great to see more Australian acts thinking outside the square with their music videos; and Art vs. Science are no exception. You’ll see my blog on their new video, Finally See Our Way, soon; but for now, you can view my original post on this video here. […]

  2. […] their album The Experiment, Art vs. Science have been on the blog …let’s see… one, two, three… FOUR times. They are officially the most blogged-about band in Y,WGAV! history! […]

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