My Favourite Video: Dan Ilic

Dan Ilic is an Australian writer, comedian and performer, currently based in New York City.
Amongst his best known work is Hungry Beast and The Ronnie Johns Half Hour.
His favourite videos are Sabotage by the Beastie Boys and Star Guitar by The Chemical Brothers.


I remember as a kid when I first saw this video, it was one of the things that made me want to become a filmmaker. The whole idea of parody and taking the piss was a new concept to me. Spike Jonze is a mad genius. It’s almost cliche to write about Sabotage as your favourite video clip of all time. But I don’t care what you think. Cliches are cliches for a reason. Like the opening of the best film ever, Sabotage gets you pumped up for the rest of the narrative to come, but of course there is nothing there. The clip is the story. I wanted to be one of those cops, better yet, I wanted to be “The Chief”. I love those scenes where he is tapping the temple of his head, all I can assume is that he’s saying “Think Monetti, Think!”

Star Guitar

During my uni years Chemical Bros brought out a killer album, Come With Us. It had a stack of great tracks that rode high in the indie charts. This song ,however, drove me insane with its clip. I spent hours, usually drunk, watching this clip over and over again trying desperately to find fault with it. I couldn’t. That’s because Michel Gondry is a giant – to even conceive of this idea and then to practically put it into motion would have been mind blowing for many, but for Gondry it’s just part of being a ground breaking envelope pushing game changing hero of my heart. I wish I could think like Gondry.
Dan has promised to give us some more of his favourite videos “when he gets inspired”. Visit Dan online at

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  1. […] of them. Jake Stone from Bluejuice, Tim Derricourt from Dappled Cities and even old mate Dan Ilic make apperances. Maybe it was just for the trainspotters, but I thought it was a really cool […]

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