Watch This Now: Cassette Kids – “Spin”

“If the song’s about to end, then we’ll put it on again…”

Ever since catching a Triple J Unearthed break in early 2008 that allowed them a spot at the Sydney Big Day Out, Cassette Kids have truly been going from strength to strength, opening for a tonne of national and international artists and rustling up interests from all kinds of crowds in the process. They’ve now finally gotten onto their debut album, Nothing On TV, and even though I’m a bit biased to their earlier, rawer days; I still dig the synth-infused direction they’ve taken on the record. Doesn’t hurt they’ve also thrown in this slick video to go with it, too.

Okay, so not a great deal actually happens in the video – they start off in darkness, they tear their way through to a white room, a blue thing flies around and they belt their instruments a little. But I’ll be damned if this isn’t a cool one to watch! The slow motion warping, the colourful characters and, of course, the divine miss Katrina Noorbergen bopping her little bob-cut about all make this delightful and quite cool to watch. It’s a video that’s high on imagination – and, to a lesser extent, Saturday morning TV. But really, who cares? Flying shit and cute chicks FTW. Enjoy. Oh, and watch out for that quirky little twist at the end – total ZOMG moment.


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