Watch This Now: Dead Letter Circus – “One Step”

“As we go further, I want to escape from the compromise…”

Brisbane’s Dead Letter Circus are threatening to become Australia’s next big rock act. It’s not like they don’t have the credentials, either – if Bieber Fever wasn’t sweeping the nation at the time, the band’s debut album could have easily charted at #1 on the ARIA charts. It topped the iTunes charts for weeks, and the subsequent promo tour promptly sold out practically everywhere. Now, ahead of a massive national tour, the band have dropped the fourth single from the record, and given us yet another awesome video to go with it.

The video for One Step revolves around a lot of stop motion, reversed footage and a lot of slow-mo. It’s nothing like anything the band have tried before, video-wise, but thankfully for them it works a lot. It truly is a spectacle – you’ll spend a lot of the time of this video wondering exactly how the visuals were achieved, or just in awe of how bloody good it all looks. The whole thing looks crisp and crystal-clear, with highlights including an inflamed TV and watching drummer Luke Williams in action – both backwards and forwards. Another trait of a great video, to me, is the ability to create something that’s not quite like anything else going at its time. I believe DLC have definitely done that with the One Step video – this definitely ain’t for Video Hits. This is for the fans – and, of course, video nerds such as myself. Chekkit!


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