Old Favourites: Eve and Gwen Stefani – “Let Me Blow Your Mind”

“It took awhile to get me here, and I’m gonna take my time…”

Glasses were dropped and arses were most definitely shaken when this jam dropped circa 2001 and Eve had her first taste of stardom with this killer single. Of course I loved the song – as a dedicated No Doubt fan, I almost felt like I had to – but the one thing that has stuck with me in regards to Eve is this video. It hasn’t aged particularly well – when was the last time you saw anyone thinking bright pink hair was a good idea? Even still, for its time, this was state of the art pop video 101. And that’s a good thing, mind.

Eve portrays the ultimate badass chick – from the hair to the motorbike gang, practically everything about her screams “fuck you, man,” which you rarely get out of pop/rnb musicians these days. A “screw you” at best, mostly. This is pure “fuck you” – and it’s fabulous. Stefani plays the initially reluctant sidekick, and the two head off to fuck shit up at a black-tie cocktail party. Of course the party-goers are infuriated until Eve gets them on side and everybody dances. The way it bloody should be!

I’m still totally infatuated by this video – Eve has never looked better, and Gwen rarely so. It’s a classic from my early childhood, and I don’t know how anyone could finish watching this one without a big ol’ shit-eating grin. Gotta love it.


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