The Cringe: Scandal’Us – “Me, Myself and I”

Following the recent news that Tamara Jaber was to split from her husband Vile Sandilands, I decided to pull this one out of the archives. Before she was known for being married to Scumfuck over there, she was the Sydney finalist of Popstars Australia. She was paired with four other people from four other capital cities, and the show created Scandal’Us. They split up approximately one year, one album and two singles later, thankfully – but not before releasing this debut single, which spent three weeks atop of the Australian charts.

The video is one that continues Australia’s embarassing mainstream pop history of attempting to mimic the popularity of whatever was trending in the United States at the time. This has continued on right up to today (see: Cody Simpson, Short Stack), but it’s especially hilarious circa early 2000s. This video is complete with atrocious 3D animation, meaningless asides in which the five members turn into a variety of occupations (spy, hooker, etc. – the usual suspects) and some of the worst dance choreography in boy band OR girl group history. We’re talking the kind of shit even 98 Degrees would knock back. Thrown in hilarious attempts at sexy poses, the fact they’re trying to cover up the “ugly one” (far left in the top photo) and the idea that everyone involved in this video – the group themselves, the crew, the director and the label exec that greenlighted it – thought this was a good idea. What’ve you got? You’ve got The Cringe, my friend.

We might take a look at Tamara’s solo single (let’s see how many of you remember Ooh Ahh) a bit later on, but if you can think of any truly bad videos from the old school, I’d love to hear from you! For now, let’s just thank the lucky stars above that both the boy band and the girl group concepts are dead and buried. Not to mention the mixed-genre vocal group – as evidenced here, that was just fucking awkward.


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