Watch This Now: Brandon Flowers – “Crossfire”

“And when the hardest part is over, we’ll be here…”

There’s never been much of an air of subtlety surrounding one Brandon Flowers. Our first introduction to him was in 2004, where he wailed about transexual love triangles in the middle of the Nevada desert in front of a giant neon billboard that flashed his band’s name (The Killers, in case you hadn’t caught on). Six years on from that, and that extravagance hasn’t changed a bit – even though the Killers are on a break and Flowers has moved onto the solo thingie.

This is ridiculous, OTT and essentially plotless, but you’ll be damned if this isn’t fantastic entertainment. Flowers plays a prisoner in a variety of situations, attacked by various terrorists and ninjas. Thankfully, none other than Charlize Theron comes in, kicks arse and leaves Brandon with not much apart from a cute little smile on his face. The cinematography is as gorgeous as Theron herself, quite similiar to the When You Were Young video a couple of years back – the locations are pretty non-specific, but I love the way it’s shot regardless.  This is great fun, and one of the coolest videos Flowers has put his name to. Doesn’t hurt that the single itself is pretty killer, too. Got a good feeling about the album!


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