Watch This If You Dare: Muse – “Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)”

“They’ll dissipate, like snowflakes in the ocean…”

Poor Muse. They’ve been getting consistently worse and worse over the years and it’s finally culminated in a double whammy. Not only is the worst Muse song yet, it’s also been doubled with the worst Muse video to date. This is the lead single for the official soundtrack of Twilight: Eclipse, and in turn with the videos for the other lead singles (Decode and Meet Me On The Equinox) features stock footage from the film interspersed with the actual video.  You’ll get this in practically every video that relates back to a movie – I believe it’s contractual. Even still, the editing job is atrocious – it flows like it was edited on Windows Movie Maker with Edward Cullen’s plastic vampire fangs.

Neither aspect of the video is appealing, either. If we’re not watching Kristen Stewart let the wind blow through the gap in her teeth, we’re watching Matt Bellamy stroking his ego as he tinkers across a grand piano and his band does their best “shitty Queen tribute band covers Knights of Cydonia“. The other Muse dudes are just going through the motions for this big-budget performance in a room that’s almost as blank as the music itself. Does Matt Wolveretestosteronewhatever do any moves apart from that stupid convulsing head nod? And does Dom Howard even look like he cares about anything anymore?

It’s the end of the line for Muse fans. There’s a significant amount of doubt in my mind that they will ever recover from this one.

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