Welcome, and NSFAQ.

Why hello there!
Thanks for checking out Yes, We’ve Got A Video! You might be a little unclear about how this whole blog thing is going to work, so I’ve broken it down into some not-so-frequently asked questions – or NSFAQ for the acronym addicts (OMGWTFBBQ, amirite?). Okay, here we go.

Hi there.
Hi there! Welcome to the blog!

So what’s the name? Where’s it come from?
The blog’s name is Yes, We’ve Got A Video! It’s a quote from one of my favourite TV shows of all time, The Young Ones, where Vyvyan is constantly dealing with enquiries within the house of the new VCR they’ve just gotten. When the idea came to me of putting this blog together, my friend Sam thought of the quote and I figured it would be a perfect fit.

So it’s all about videos?
Exactly. I love a great music video – even before MTV came along, there’s always been this fascinating link between the audio and visual. Some might think it’s a redundant cause in this day and age, but I think with our current grasp on technology and the imagination a lot of young musicians have, the sky is practically the limit.

What kind of videos are we looking at here?
All kinds! From Subterranean Homesick Blues to Telephone, I’ll be taking a look at what makes a great video, what makes a terrible video, the art of the “performance” video, the biggest budgets and the lowest budgets. Anything that takes my interest – in either a good or bad way – I’ll blog about it.

So what kind of structure is in place for Y,WGAV!?
There isn’t one, really, and I think that’s what’s going to be so much fun about this blog. There will be themes and categories, but you never know when one is going to be blogged about.

What are the themes of Y,WGAV!?
They are as follows:

  • Watch This Now (best new music videos)
  • Watch If You Dare (worst new music videos)
  • Old Favourites (some of my favourite music videos, particularly from my formative years)
  • The Cringe (some truly horrible videos that have to be seen to be believed)
  • My Favourite Video (I’m going to ask a variety of people what their favourite videos are, and if they’d be interested in doing a blog about it)

More may be added along the way. Essentially, the culture of the music video will be picked apart to my heart’s content.

Sounds like fun.
Yeah, it should be. Thanks for reading my not-so-frequently asked questions! Enjoy!


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