Watch This Now: Brendan Maclean – “Practically Wasted”

“I’ve been thinking about going on a hunt…”

Sydney’s Brendan Maclean has his fingers in many tasty pies, but the one which we’re going to be leaving on the windowsill to cool is his latest video. It’s for the song Practically Wasted, which kicks off his new EP entitled White Canvas. The song is outlandish and a much more extravagant example of what is normally quite restrained (in a nice way) piano pop – and, in turn, deserves an equally frantic and extravagant video.

It was filmed in Brisbane with, according to an interview with Brendan in, “pretty much every gay person in Brisbane.”  There’s whips, big makeup, a drumming midget, flashy circus tricks and two central characters – the slave and the master – that look ridiculously similar to one another (hmm, wonder why). Director Peter Ireland has done a great job here – the action is quick-paced and entertaining,  and the energy of the song is reflected entirely throughout. Maclean – one time a drama teacher – plays with both of his split personalities perfectly, and it’s hard to believe anyone involved with this wasn’t having at least 110% fun. A great video for a variety of reasons – its imagination, its gorgeous aesthetics and the way it thinks completely outside the square.

Brendan’s White Canvas EP is available now on iTunes, and Practically Wasted is available for free download on Triple J Unearthed.
Watch the video below. He will be blogging on Y,WGAV! as a part of My Favourite Video in the coming weeks.

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  1. […] first ever video blogged about was none other than his Practically Wasted video, which eventually made it into our top ten videos of the year! He’s now followed it up […]

  2. […] and Brisbane director Peter Ireland are onto something. After the wild circus-tent madness that was Practically Wasted, the opening number from B-Mac’s White Canvas EP, the second single was a more subdued affair […]

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