Watch This If You Dare: David Guetta – “Gettin’ Over You”

“Party, and party, and party, and pa- and pa- and party, and party, and party…”

Okay, so David Guetta has never been particularly known for his groundbreaking videos. It usually involves him dancing around awkwardly, occasionally pressing a button, and – one one particularly fruity occasion – jumping into a pool with Akon. This one, however, has to be his most ridiculous video to date. It’s not sexist or offensive – it’s just fucking stupid.

The plot – if you can call it that- involves Guetta trying to get a track down in one take with Fergie, Chris Willis and Everything That Is Wrong With The World – who also perform under the name LMFAO. Some dude is walking past the studio and suddenly has the brilliant idea of sneaking in and plugging into the mixing desk (how the fuck Guetta doesn’t notice this is beyond me), linking up to some massive speakers that just happen to be nearby. About 100 people then crash the studio, which I believe is breaking and entering – and thus illegal.

So what does Guetta do? The “keep going” sign with his finger and wrist. He said they’d record in one take and he’ll be fucking damned if this shit doesn’t happen. Suddenly it become nighttime and they’re still singing the song. And now they’re all outside.

What in God’s name happened here? I get the whole “party” vibe Guetta’s trying to go for, but if some dude snuck into his studio and plugged in while he was recording, surely said dude would get his arse handed to him by security or at least Guetta himself? There’s no message, no idea and ultimately no point to this fucking terrible video. At least Fergie looks sorta do-able. Sorta.


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  1. This video doesn’t work outside of YouTube, just a heads up.

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