Old Favourites: Sean Lennon – “Home”

“The past is a parade of countless days, painting patterns in the sand”

Ahh, Sean Lennon. The bizarre lovechild of John and Yoko, Sean thankfully proved to be a much more interesting talent than brother Julian, and excellent videos such as these certainly helped his case. This is from his 1998 album, Into The Sun, with the video being directed by none other than Spike Jonze.

The more you read Y,WGAV!, the more you are going to find out how much I fucking love Spike and his videos. They’re twisted, visually stunning and never short on intriguing concepts, easily making him one of my all-time favourite directors. “Home” as a video is no exception – though it may start out seemingly with not a great deal going for it, it’s when the first chorus kicks in that things really start to get both weird and wonderful. If you’ve never seen it, then I won’t give too much away, but watch out for the goldfish. The twisted directorial view of Jonze really comes out when they come into play near the end. Very cool.

So, here’s an old favourite of mine from an artist I really wish would record more. Not just because I love his music, but because I want more videos like this one!


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